The UN Resident Coordinator Office

What is the Resident Coordinator's Office?

The One United Nations (One UN) in Rwanda is convened by the Resident Coordinator (RC), who coordinates all UN operations at the country level, with the support of the Resident Coordinator Office (RCO). 

The RC leads the Country Team (UNCT), which is composed of representatives of all the UN entities with a presence in the country. Working closely with the Government of Rwanda and with the support of the rest of the Country Team, the RC coordinates the UN agencies that make up One UN, advocating for the mandates of the whole UN system.

One UN has a new Development Assistance Plan. This document sets out the areas of One UN action contributing to the national development agenda in Rwanda. Recently signed with the Government, the UN Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP II) covers the period 2018-2023. As per the UN reforms that came into force in January 2019, UNDAP II is a coordinated, joint effort between agencies: all 'Delivering as One' under the umbrella known as ‘One UN’, and coordinated through the RCO. 

This Delivering as One approach capitalizes on the strengths and comparative advantages of the different agencies of the UN family. In doing so, Delivering as One increases impact through more coherent programmes, reduced transaction costs for governments, and lower overhead costs for the UN system. .

There are five principles of Delivering as One, which depend upon on the coordination function provided by RCO:

One Leader,

One Budget,

One Programme,

One Voice, and

One House

These principles help the UN system to align programmes and funding more closely to national priorities. Delivering as One strengthens government leadership and ownership. It has also ensured increased access to the experience and expertise of a wider range of UN organizations. 


The UN Resident Coordinator in Rwanda

Mr. Fodé Ndiaye is the UN Resident Coordinator for Rwanda. He assumed office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator on 10 July 2017. At the time, RCs served simultaneously as UNDP's Resident Representatives. Since then, the RC system has been reinvigorated by UN reforms. This involved UNDP-RCO de-linking, to reposition the RC function outside of the Development agency, with a clear leadership role.  

Prior to his appointment in Rwanda, Mr. Ndiaye served as the UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Niger for five years. He has also held various positions at the United Nations Capital Development Fund including Head of the Regional Office for West and Central Africa.

Mr. Ndiaye brings his 35 year-experience in leadership and management in the field of development and finance.

Prior to joining UNCDF, Mr. Ndiaye served in various capacities with bank “Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole du Senegal” in his home country of Senegal, including Secretary-General (1991-1998). He has also been a consultant for various regional banks and international organisations and has managed rural development projects (1982-1986). Mr. Ndiaye has been spoken extensively in conferences and has published a series of articles and a book “Microfinance in West Africa: What Sustainability?” (Harmattan France, 2009). He also has contributed to a book “Banques et finance : les acteurs de l’émergence” (Editions Revue Banque, France, 2016).

Mr. Ndiaye is an agronomist from ENSAT (France). He holds an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, and was a Mason Fellow with a Certificate in Public Policy and Management. He has a PhD (Economics) from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He is also certified in microfinance (Boulder) and SME finance (Harvard Kennedy School). He speaks Wolof, French and English.


Meet the team

The Resident Coordinator (RC) has the support of the Resident Coordinator's Office (RCO), which includes:

Josephine Marealle-Ulimwengu, Senior Development Coordination Officer, Strategic Planning and RCO Team Leader

Angela Zeleza, Development Coordination Officer, Economist

Aimee Muziranenge, Partnerships and Development Finance Specialist

Sibylle Kamikazi, Data Management and Results Reporting Specialist

Maureen Twahirwa, Communication and Advocacy Officer

Chantal Mutavu, Administration and Finance Associate 

Aristide Muhire, Information Management Officer- Creative Designs

Marie Jeanne Ishimwe, Coordination Officer

Leah Schmids, Morning and Evaluation Associate - Triple Nexus 

Immaculee Karake, Executive Assistant to the RC

Jean-Marie Gashirabake, Human Rights Assistant


The UN Resident Coordinator Office

Fodé Ndiaye

Fodé Ndiaye

UN Resident Coordinator